Do you know how to buy high quality rare coins at genuine wholesale dealer prices? I do, and have been for 50 years.

Whether you are new to the rare coin market or are a seasoned numismatist, financial planner, or money manager,I can help you avoid the various pitfalls that plague the market. Further, I can recommend coins that from my experience I believe are undervalued, and offer excellent investment potential. In this fashion I can help you build an extraordinary collection or investment portfolio to profit from, as well as cherish and enjoy.

I work for my clients in the strictest of confidence, and I always act to protect their interests. Unlike most coin dealers I don’t feel compelled to sell them coins that I own. This opens up the entire rare coin universe  to choose the most exceptional numismatic assets, to the benefit of those for whom I work. As a rare coin broker, most coins my clients receive are purchased in the wholesale dealer to dealer marketplace. Further,I ONLY ACQUIRE COINS THAT ARE SOLID FOR THE GRADE,  OFFERING GREAT EYE APPEAL.

PLEASE CALL ME TODAY at 800-782-2646 to discuss how I can help you create an outstanding collection or rare coin investment.

My low rare coin broker commissions are often offset by my negotiating discounted dealer prices. When I approach a rare coin dealer he recognizes that I know what his coins are worth. I am treated differently than the average coin buyer who doesn’t possess such knowledge. For many dealers, the less informed the buyer appears the more they will charge. For me, if a coin is overpriced, I just walk away and continue looking for a great coin at the right price. Further, if I feel that a coin has problems or other detracting issues I reject it. This saves my clients much concern and difficulty when they want to resell.

Additionally, I can act as your agent in auctions while maintaining your anonymity. I will evaluate the coins prior to the auction and ignore problem ones. This allows me to concentrate on the exceptional coins for potential purchase. I will advise and counsel you each step of the way until we achieve your goals.