Dr. Richard S. Appel, Rare Coin Broker

WHAT IS A RARE COIN BROKER? Like a real estate or stock broker a rare coin broker acts as an agent, on behalf of his clients. He makes purchases or sales for them, helps them make good choices, protects their interests, and charges a commission for his services.

Typical coin dealers work for themselves. They benefit most by selling their coins for as much as possible, and by paying as little as they can when buying. This often conflicts with their client's objectives! By acting as a rare coin broker my clients have great peace of mind. They know I have no such conflicts of interest because I'm working for them, not for myself.

My goal is to offer individuals, financial planners and money managers a safe, worry-free and totally transparent method to buy or sell rare coins. I utilize my extensive expertise, deep industry knowledge, and vast network to benefit and protect those I advise. I am acting as a broker after 50 years as a rare coin dealer, to let consumers buy and sell rare coins just like a dealer. To my mind, this is the wave of the future for numismatics. It takes the profits away from the dealer, and leaves it in the hands of the public.

My clients always come first! Further, I fight to negotiate the best possible prices for them. In fact, this often helps offset much or all of my commissions. Ultimately, they greatly appreciate our relationship.

If you allow me to work for you not only will you receive my personal service, but you will be confident knowing you are in expert and experienced hands, and are being treated in an exceptional fashion.