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Rare coin brokers act like any other type of broker. Just as real estate or stock brokers do not own the property or stocks they buy or sell, similarly, I don’t own the coins being bought and sold. Rather, I act as an agent on behalf of my clients, buying or selling coins for them in the open market, and charge a small commission for my services. I do everything possible to protect my clients at all times.

Most Dealers want to sell you coins from inventory; coins they already own!

The typical coin dealer buys and sells coins through their inventory. They purchase a coin, and add a 15% to 30% profit (or more) to their cost. Often, they then contact a customer in hopes of making a sale, suggesting their coin is special or the nicest one available in the marketplace.

The dealer has a vested interest in selling only the coins they own, and for as much as possible. And of course, the less they pay when purchasing from you, the higher their profit when they sell. Just remember, most of the time the dealer’s interests are NOT the same as yours.

As a Coin Broker, I don't play games when I buy or sell to increase my profit!

Coin dealers calculate their risk when buying coins. If the market drops before they sell, they make less or can even lose money. In order to protect themselves, they typically price their coins higher when selling, or quote you less when they are buying. Don’t forget, despite what you may be told, as a buyer you never really know the dealer’s mark-up, and if selling you will often receive less than you could.

In contrast, acting as a broker I’m not exposed to this risk. I don't protect myself by charging you more, or make "low ball" offers for your coins if you're selling.

With No CONFLICTS OF INTEREST I am free to locate the finest coins at the best prices, and everything I do is TRANSPARENT.

Unlike a normal dealer,I never have a conflict of interest. I am totally impartial whether buying or selling, because the coins are never mine. Further, my books are always open to my clients! They know what their coins cost me, or what I sold them for!

When I make purchases I have the entire wholesale, rare coin marketplace at my disposal, not just the limited number of coins in my inventory. I use my expertise and position as an industry insider to locate the finest “problem free” coins available, and will negotiate the best wholesale prices on your behalf.

When it comes time to sell your coins, I maximize your sale prices by using the right venues!

When preparing to sell your coins, you must weigh the pros and cons of each available numismatic venue. Using an experienced Rare Coin Broker will make is easier to decide which selling method to use in order to receive the highest possible pricefor each coin.

I pick and choose to whom or how to sell my clients coins, and am not limited to what one or two dealers will offer. Nor do I have to sell all of your coins in the same fashion.

My goal is to sell your coins for the best possible prices. I leverage my relationships and may offer the coins to other collectors, or sell them to the highest wholesale buyers. Or, I will pick the best auction company for particular coins, if I believe an auction can achieve the maximum prices.

Plus, I can negotiate substantial discounts on the fees auction companies charge that the average person cannot. This further increases the net payout for you, my client.

You need a real professional to evaluate your certified coins!

Grading rare coins is not a science. It is very subjective, and the third party grading services don’t always get it right. I evaluate all of my client's certified coins to determine if any have an overlooked attribute or have the potential to upgrade if resubmitted. If successful, I can dramatically increase a coin’s value to my client's benefit.

When the typical rare coin dealer purchases coins from their customers guess what…..they will do the same. In fact, they often recognize beforehand that a coin is worth more, but seldom tell the seller. Sadly, the purchasing dealer garners all of the additional profits if the coin’s value increases, while the seller only receives their original selling price.

Oh, there is one more reason you want to do business with a Rare Coin Broker!

You can Save or Make a lot of Extra money! My goal is to acquire great coins as cheaply as possible, and make sales for as much as possible. Since my compensation is based solely on a straight commission, I work with your interests as my top priority. Whether you are buying or selling, all my clients receive my personal service, and are treated fairly, honestly and with complete transparency. This is my personal commitment to each and every person for whom I work.